Connecting the two worlds together.
Connecting online and offline worlds more closely together.

We are creating a new standard of the O2O platform by integrating various fields such as shopping, digital contents, cryptocurrency wallet, and payment systems into a single platform
We, the Meta Cube, would like to share with you the new online ecosystem we have prepared.
With SODA, you can use cryptocurrency in place of money in any real life situations requiring payments, from purchasing general merchandise to digital contents. It will always be with you, near you, and available for you to use

Project on Top of a Project
Soda Platform for a Natural Economy

The true value of cryptocurrency gets revealed only
when it is utilized in real life.

Every year, countless blockchain and cryptocurrency projects are introduced to the world.

Amazed by the new project ideas and technologies presented, we want to take these projects further.
What if you could pay for your project investments and economic activities with your own cryptocurrency?

Soda Platform allows the participating users in the project to have a true, valuable experience through co-creation.

From the everyday life
to the web portal, digital contents, and lifestyle app services.

Soda Platform prepares the upcoming cryptocurrency world faster and closer to our life compared to any other platforms.
Stock Letter
Soda Play

Easy Payments,
and Easier Cryptocurrency Mining

Solves the problem of cryptocurrency being too complicated to use in real life
Offers a new cryptocurrency life by incorporating mining
Soda Play
PLAY & PAY Soda Play is available on every street, right at my location

Soda Play Example.01

The uniqueness of location-based Soda Play

Soda Play Example.02

Crazy compatibility; Soda Play has absolutely the best compatibility.

Soda Play Example.03

Sodaplay : fast exchange of cryptocurrency

User Based Portal Platform
Start Page Service

“30 million SKT subscribers”

Through South Korea’s greatest telecommunication company SKT T-wifi Zone, we provide various contents such as mobile news, game, information, and weather.

SKT Bill Letter

Tooniwa Webtoon Additional Service

Additional membership service for the users of Bill Letter app service, which is available for the 11 million SKT customers to use

Over 1000 episodes of webtoon and cartoon contents It is a SKT exclusive additional membership service available through monthly subscription.

Also, with various contents such as stock information, horoscopes, discount tickets, etc., it constructs SKT exclusive special additional membership services.
Content Organization
Over 1000 episodes of webtoon and cartoon contents
Exclusive for the members
Additional membership service for the users of Bill Letter app service, which is available for the 11 million SKT customers to use
Additional membership services
Various contents such as stock information, horoscopes, and discount tickets constructed


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Global Exchange Service


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